If you want to train something specific or improve your flying skills, our private lessons may be right for you. You can book one of our flight instructors for personal coaching. You let us know your wishes and your coach will put together an individual program for you.

Our instructor will bring you up to date with the latest training, work with you to improve your take-off, landing or flying technique or improve your flying style during free flying or cross-country flying.


Price: CHF 75.– per private lesson


Topics for private coaching

  • Groundhandling with winding exercises, canopy control on site, slalom runs etc.
  • Individual exam preparation for students, prospective biplac pilots & flight instructors
  • Theory lessions
  • Start techniques improve forwards and backwards
  • Flying techniques Thermals, strong winds
  • Cross country flying - theory (explanation of GPS, waypoints, XC planning) and practice
  • Further topics by arrangemnt


from one hour


  • Individual program
  • Supervisionby flight instructor SHV/BAZL

Not included

  • Transport / Lifts
  • Provisions


Flight student or licensed Pilot


Paraglider equipment