We are pleased about your interest in the offer of Gleitschirmschule Engelberg GmbH. Paragliding is considered a safe sport and is therefore not considered a risk sport by Swiss accident insurers. This makes the personal responsibility of each pilot all the greater. With the acceptance of your booking at the Gleitschirmschule Engelberg GmbH a contract between you and the Gleitschirmschule Engelberg GmbH comes into being. These general terms and conditions form an integral part of this contract. We ask you to study them carefully.

Tandem flights
The vouchers are valid for 1 year (date of issue on voucher). The flight duration cannot be guaranteed. In the interest of safety, the tandem pilot can postpone or cancel a passenger flight at any time (e.g. due to weather conditions). The pilot's instructions must always be followed.

Taster courses/training and further education
The trial course / training is based on the participants' own responsibility. Gleitschirmschule Engelberg GmbH declines any liability. The participants themselves are responsible for good footwear and appropriate clothing. The taster course / a training and further education day can be postponed, cancelled or aborted at short notice (e.g. for meteorological reasons).

Rental equipment
The material provided by the Engelberg Paragliding School must be handled with care. All wilful damage will be charged to the user.

The prices are in Swiss francs. Prices are subject to change without notice. Issued vouchers will not be taken back.

Terms of payment
Courses, travel and further training must be paid for before the start of the course. Payments not made on time entitle Gleitschirmschule Engelberg GmbH to refuse the services or to withdraw from the contract.

Payment for delivered goods must be made net within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. In principle, all amounts can be paid by invoice. Flugschule Engelberg GmbH reserves the right to deliver by cash on delivery or prepayment.

Training: In principle, the concluded contract can be terminated by either party at any time. No course fees will be refunded.

Material: Once used material cannot be taken back. However, there is the possibility to give material in down payment. The corresponding agreements are to be negotiated individually between you and Gleitschirmschule Engelberg GmbH.

Travel: In principle, the concluded contract can be terminated by either party at any time. The cancellation must be made in writing, the receipt of the written cancellation notice by Gleitschirmschule Engelberg GmbH or by you.

The following cancellation costs will be charged per number of days before departure:

60-30 days: 25%, 30-15 days: 50%, 14- 0 days: 100%.

In cases of hardship (illness, accident, death, force majeure), the cancellation costs will be covered by a cancellation costs insurance policy if such a policy has been taken out. The benefits are based on the applicable insurance policy. The existence of cancellation insurance is obligatory for all trips of the Gleitschirmschule Engelberg GmbH and is the responsibility of the participant.

Liability and insurance
Gleitschirmschule Engelberg GmbH is insured for its activities as part of its duty of care. For tandem flights, our pilots have liability insurance that covers damage to passengers of up to CHF 5 million.

Participation in all other activities offered by Flugschule Engelberg GmbH is at your own risk. The participant is not insured. Sufficient health and accident insurance is the responsibility of the participant. For pupils and pilots, liability insurance for liability claims against third parties on earth is mandatory by law. Flugschule Engelberg GmbH rejects any liability for accidents and other damages.

Applicable law, place of jurisdiction
Swiss law shall apply. Place of performance and jurisdiction for both parties is Sarnen, Obwalden.

6390 Engelberg, Stand Dezember 2016