Flying - experience pure freedom!

Have you always wanted to try the dream of flying? We offer you a unique experience with a tandem flight for two or you make your first flight attempts on a taster day and may discover a new passion.

From pedestrian to free flyer

Paragliding is easy to learn and a safe sport. With the basic course you will learn the ABC of paragliding «Starting, Controlling, Landing» at the practice slope. Then you make the first high-altitude flights. During the whole training you have enough time to prepare for the theory exam. After passing the theory test and 50 altitude flights, you are admitted to the pilot test. If you pass this exam, you are free to fly without restrictions.

Sharing the fascination of flying

As an official flight school, we teach according to the guidelines of the SHV (Swiss Hang Gliding Association). We value a comprehensive education with the goal to train you to a safe pilot and to inspire you for the passion and fascination of paragliding.

Trial day → Basic course → License course → free flying