This is a course of several days including practising on a training’s hill and your first high altitude solo flights

After some theory you will learn how to start, steer, land on a training hill and make your first attempts at flying

Normally you will need to stay on a training hill for 2 to 4 days. You can train as long as you need. The price stays the same apart from CHF 10.– / day for the landowner/farmer,

When we consider you ready, you can start with 2 days of high-altitude solo flights (max. 6). You will be intensively guided by both a starting and a landing teacher equipped with radios .

If after this ground course, you would like to continue and take your Swiss paragliding licence you can continue with one of our licence courses.


Price: CHF 790.–


2 – 3 days training hill + theory, 2 days high-altitude flights (max. 6 flights)

Course start date

You can choose the start of the course in the registration form. We train on the practice slope on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, weather permitting.
High altitude flights from Thursday to Sunday after registration with us. You can find the current training days in the calendar. You will benefit most from the beginner course if you complete the course in one go.


  • Complete paragliding equipment
  • Basic training at the training hill
  • 4 - 6 high-altitude flights during max. 2 days
  • Theory and practical training Instructed by a SHV/BAZL flying teacher
  • Third party insurance

Not included

  • Transport / Lifts
  • Provisions
  • Paragliding equipment after your 10th flight


Minimum age 15 years


Solid, ankle-high footwear, provisions and a lot to drink.


If the weather is flyable we fly every Weekend and frequently during the week.


We have several training hills in and around Engelberg and Stans.