After the completion of the ground course where you already experienced your first high altitude solo flights, you can continue with a licence course.

Under the supervision of both a starting and landing teacher equipped with radios, you continue your training intensively. Before every flight you receive a flight manoeuvre to complete and step by step you train all necessary manoeuvres according to the training guidelines of the SHV. Our home base is in Engelberg but we fly in different areas, a few times per year also abroad. You need minimum 50 flights before you can take your practical exams.

You will need to invest minimum 15 days; we make 3 to 5 flights per day,

We advise our students to take the theory exams as soon as possible in order to optimise their practical training.

Price: CHF 1690.–

* CHF +200.–, if the basic course is not taken at Flugschule Engelberg GmbH.
   CHF +1'500.–, if the equipment is not purchased from Flugschule Engelberg GmbH.


12 months and max 60 flights till exams.
Can be finished faster when combined with holidays in Engelberg/Engelbergertal.


  • Complete paragliding equipment till your 10th flight, according  your flying logbook
  • Theory and practical training Instructed by SHV/BAZL flying teachers
  • Check list paragliding training

Not included

  • Transport / Lifts
  • Paragliding equipment after your 10th flight
  • Provisions


Minimum age 15 years


Solid, ankle-high footwear, provisions and a lot to drink