Tandem flying
a unique experience! Also to give away.
Tandem flying
a unique experience! Also to give away.

Paragliding - seeing the world from above?

Once fly like a bird and circle in the thermals? You can experience that with us. With our top experienced tandem pilots we take you into the air and fly with you depending on the weather of different flight areas in central Switzerland. Detached from everyday life, we float away to familiar dimensions and absorb the unforgettable impressions of nature in us.


We choose the best flying area according to the weather conditions.
The exact time of flight depends on the weather and the thermal activity, our pilots always fly as long as possible with regard to the comfort of the passenger. Prices excl. Mountain railway tickets. Time required approx. 2 hours.

Tandem-flight «Basic» CHF 180.–
Flugzeit 5-20min

Tandem-flight «Experience» CHF 200.–
Flugzeit 10-30min

Tandem-flight «Panorama» CHF 240.–
Flugzeit 20-60min

Day trip «1 day flying on the Biplace»  CHF 550.
Personal guide, 3 - 5 flights with the Biplace.
In thermal conditions also hours-long flights or routes possible.

Photo & Video Service CHF 30.–
Spectacular photos & videos from the flight, after landing directly copied to a USB stick (included).

Book or order a voucher

For a booking please contact us or fill out the voucher order and we will send you the voucher on account.

Booking by mail: or call 041 637 07 07

Voucher - general information

The vouchers are transferable and valid for one year. The validity can be extended after individual arrangement, if the passenger could not fly with us for understandable reasons during this time. All necessary information is printed on the voucher. Vouchers can only be redeemed after payment has been made.